Summer Food Program-The U.S. Department of Agriculture partners with local organizations to provide free meals to children when school is out for the summer. For more information about the National Summer Food Service Program, visit

Food Assistance-Contact Gilpin County Human Services for household food assistance 303-582-5444, ext. 1129.

Gilpin County Schools Provide Free or Reduced Meals-

Gilpin County Schools provide free or reduced meal prices for students when families qualify at income levels and the number of members in the household. For the 2017-2018 school year, breakfast cost is $1.35 and elementary lunch is $2.60 and secondary lunch is $2.85. When households qualify, these meal costs are either reduced or free for students.

A parent or guardian must complete one application each school year for all students in the household. Free and Reduced Lunch Program-For families needing assistance, there is a “Free and Reduced Lunch” program offered by the Federal School Lunch Program. You can download an application from our Tuition & Fees page (scroll to the bottom). The application, the income information, and the students who qualify for free or reduced meal costs are kept confidential and only two people at the school have access to the application: Jane Yerkman, Food Services Manager; and Carol Murray, Registrar.

Returning students were mailed the application in July. New students receive the application in their registration packets when they enroll. Applications are due as soon as possible to Food Services Manager Jane Yerkman at the school.

Costs/Payment-Full-day elementary students can purchase breakfast, lunch, and snacks at school. Parents can pay for lunches, breakfasts, or snacks by sending money in an envelope marked LUNCH MONEY with student(s’) name(s) and the amount of money enclosed. This money is collected by the classroom teachers and sent to the kitchen to be applied to students’ accounts. You may send a single check for more than one child; please be sure to specify how much money should go to which child’s account. For pricing information, please see our Tuition & Fees webpage.

Gilpin County School District’s Food Service Department strives to provide a healthy breakfast, lunch, and snacks for students. Most meals are made from scratch with fresh ingredients.

Cafeteria Menus


Students are expected to:

  • Deposit all lunch litter in trash barrels provided.
  • Return all trays and utensils to the dish washing area.
  • Leave the table and floor around their seat in a clean condition.
  • Stand in line orderly and politely.
  • Do not push or cut in line.
  • Maintain good table manners.
  • Keep voices at a conversational level at all times.

If you’d like to be more involved in the food provided by our school, please consider joining the Nutrition & Wellness Committee.

Food Services Coordinator

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