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Plato Courseware by Edmentum is a web-based program where students can access an online curriculum from both school and home. At Gilpin County Schools we offer classes in all content areas for both middle school and high school students. The primary purpose of Plato is to provide students an opportunity to take classes for credit recovery, or as a means to supplement their classroom curriculum.  Plato is also an option when a scheduling conflict occurs for students, or if a student wishes to take an additional class.

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Flipped Classroom and Blended Learning

Some high school teachers are implementing a “flipped classroom” instructional teaching method. A “flipped classroom” allows students to watch the traditional classroom presentations at home through an online video and then come to class where their teacher helps them with their homework and answers any questions they might have. This teaching methodology ensures all students are getting the one-on-one support they need to be successful. Also having unlimited access to the teacher’s presentation allows students to learn at their own pace and review sections they might have questions about.  Learn more about Flipped Classrooms.

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