Board Members

The Board of Education for the Gilpin County School District is a five-member, elected group of volunteer parents and/or community members.

Kirsten Goodlett

Board Secretary/Treasurer

Mrs. Goodlett was elected November 2021 to a four-year term (2021-2025).


Joe Marr
Joe Marr

Board Vice President

Mr. Marr was elected in November 2019 to four-year term (2019-2023). He was re-elected to a new four-year term (2023-2027) on November 7, 2023.

Joe Marr is a 24-year resident of Gilpin County. For the past 15 years he has owned and operated a remodeling business in the area, Gilpin County Services. Mr. Marr is an active member of the Gilpin community. Joe was a member of the District Accountability Committee and the Gilpin County Senior Living Board. He also volunteers his time and expertise to the Gilpin County Planning Commission Board.

Mr. Marr served as a Board of Education member when his four children were attending Gilpin County Schools. He and his wife, Mary, were very active as parents during the time the children were enrolled. Steven (1999), Jeff (2000), Tina (2003) and Michael (2007) are all Gilpin County High School graduates. Joe and Mary are grandparents to 18 grandchildren and 4 of those grandchildren attend or have attended Gilpin County Schools.

During his time on the Board from 1999 to 2003, the work of the Board was challenging and demanding: finance, new building construction, and continuing a quality education for the students. At the conclusion of his tenure in 2003, Mr. Marr presented the Board of Education with a plaque that reads, "Always remember to ask yourselves, What's Best for Kids?" This plaque still hangs in the Board Room today and has been referenced many times since 2003 by Board members during meetings to focus and guide their decisions.


Joe Stranaly
Joe Stranaly

Board Member-At-Large

Mr. Stranaly was appointed to the Board of Education on June 21, 2022 to complete a vacated Board of Education term. Joe Stranaly will served on the Board of Education from June 21, 2022 until the next regular biennial school election in November 2023. In November 7, 2023 Mr. Stranaly was elected to serve a four-year term (2023-2027).

Joe Stranaly moved to Gilpin County in 2008 and he has worked locally ever since. After becoming a resident, Joe has had many different roles at the Gilpin County School. He started as a coach with the Pee Wee Wrestling program, then Middle School Wrestling, High School Wrestling, and High School Football. While working for the Gilpin County Sheriff’s Office, Joe worked in the Gilpin County School as the School Resource Officer as needed.

Over the years, Joe has witnessed the quality education the Gilpin County School offers, the dedication of the school’s staff, and the success of its students. Joe looks forward to working for the students, the staff, and the community, continuing the Gilpin County School’s goal of academic excellence.

Joe and his spouse have one child, who is enrolled in Gilpin County School. They all enjoy spending time together in the outdoors with their dog Murphy.


Sarah Swanson
Sarah Swanson

Board President

Sarah Swanson was elected to the Board of Education in November 2017 to a four- year term. Ms. Swanson was re-elected to a second four-year term in November 2021 (2021-2025). Her fellow Board Members elected her Board of Education President in December 2023.

Since moving to Gilpin County in 2011, she has dedicated much of her free time to supporting the community. She has served on the Board of the Gilpin County Education Foundation since 2012 and is currently President. She also served as the President of the Board of Directors for Eagles Nest Early Learning Center from 2012-2015. She has been a troop leader for Girl Scouts of Colorado and a classroom volunteer for Junior Achievement. She was also a volunteer coach for youth soccer, basketball, and baseball through the Gilpin County Recreation Center.

Sarah and her husband have two children in Gilpin County Schools who have both been students since pre-school. Sarah is a professional fundraiser with over 20 years of experience. She currently works at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, CO as the Executive Director of Friends of the National Center. Sarah has a BA in Journalism from the University of Oregon and a MA in Intercultural Relations from Lesley University.


Tami Velasquez
Tami Velasquez

Board Member-At-Large

Mrs. Velasquez was elected in November 2023 to a four-year term (2023-2027). Tami Velasquez moved to Gilpin County in 2015 with her husband and three children Seth (2020), Alison (2023) and Joaquin (2029).  She has served as the President of the Gilpin County RE-1 Booster Club since June 2021 which provides her with a constant opportunity to interact with students, parents and staff, build relationships, hear their needs and to support the school with her positive attitude partnered with an open minded approach. She is also serving as a Volunteer Middle School Track Coach. Tami has been employed at Eldorado Climbing for 10 years having held several positions: Construction and Project Manager overseeing production and national construction crews; Sourcing and Logistics Manager for those very teams; Director of National and International Sales and her current role as Key Account Manager focusing on K-12 schools; Ski and Resorts, and Corporate Headquarters.