Student Council

Student Council (StuCo) is a student organization which promotes leadership, organization, and community service. Students are elected to the four officer positions in the spring for the following year: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. In addition, each fall two students are selected from each class by their classmates to be Class Representatives (grades 9-12). We also accept additional students from each class who wish to help with StuCo activities, and they serve as StuCo Volunteers.

Student Council Advisor
    Student Council

    StuCo is responsible for:

    • Planning most Homecoming Activities: the election process and presentation of Royalty, Class competitions at lunch each day during Homecoming Week, the Parade, and the Dance.
    • Selling Valentine’s Day treats which are delivered to friends, and sponsors.
    • Organizing a Charitable Fundraiser each year (supporting the Leukemia Foundation in the past and Make-A-Wish Foundation in Spring 2014).

    StuCo Officers also may attend CHSAA Leadership Conferences: Summer Camp at CSU in July, and the Fall Conference at a different host Colorado High School each year.